Thursday, February 02, 2012

Playing in Snow

From Mid January, 2012
 For those that don't know - the Seattle area was hit with a large for us snow storm in mid -January.  At our house we got 5 inches.

The kids and I had a blast playing in the snow.  We would get bundled up at minimum twice a day and play outside.  We had snow for about a week - which was a lot of fun.   All of these pictures are from one of the first days of snow.  We got more later in the week.
Selah's outfit.  Someone gave us this circa 1980's snowsuit.  It makes her look ginormous.  She doesn't own snowboots, so she wore her pink rainboots.  I also love the navy hat and purple gloves.  It is quite the style.
Making snow angels.

I made this snowman and then they let it stand long enough for me to take a picture.  It was then knocked to the ground.

Eating snow.
I think it was Selah's favorite part.
Throwing snowballs at the fence.

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