Friday, February 03, 2012

And then there was ice...

The ice storm we had a few weeks ago was crazy.  The ice was thick on all the tree branches - causing everything to bend.

These are the arborvitae in our backyard.  I dislike them immensely and was not sad to see half of them bent over.
A flowering berry tree that usually stands above the fence line.

A frozen left over berry.
A branch that had fallen on our shed.
My rhododendrons looking a little sad.
Our neighbor's tree.  She ended up losing it and now there is just a small stump.  You can't see them, but hiding under the branches are her trashcans.
Another neighbor's tree.  See the giant bare spot in the middle?
It is because all of the branches are on the ground.
The kids and I played in the snow in our front yard the day I took these pictures - and it was loud.  You could hear all of the snow falling and limbs breaking off of trees on the hill behind our house.

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Barb said...

Did your rhodies recover? I hadn't realized that your ice was so thick. Glad the sun is out now:)