Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thomasson Family Farm

From October 12th,

Today we ventured out to Thomasson Family Farm. It is a great pumpkin patch in Enumclaw that we also visited last year. Last year Ephraim had a lot of fun. This year I think he enjoyed it more. The weather was beautiful and he just "gets it" more. It was fun to have him run to the horse and ask to climb on and ride it.

I had to convince him to climb off so that we could explore other activities.
The bubble wands were fun. Ephraim got really excited when he was able to make bubbles come out of the wand.
The rubber ducky station was by far the favorite though. He would line up as many duckies as he could and then pump as hard as his little arms would let him. He is still a little short to do it properly, but he sure tried!

We then went to the corn box. Ephraim was more adventurous this year and was jumping off of the bales and crashing.
Proof that Selah was there.
We ended our afternoon by riding the tractor.
It was the perfect fall afternoon and a great way to spend my 32nd birthday.

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