Saturday, December 04, 2010

Our Last Full Day, Part 1

From September 30th

We (everyone but Erik) met up with the Green family up at Jackson Lake Lodge. On the way we pulled over at Oxbow Bend when we saw these two:
My mother-in-law loves moose and the first time we saw a moose on this trip I called her and rubbed it in. :) I didn't call her this time. Forrest, Colleen and I were trying to figure out how all of the photographers on the other side of the river got to where they are. It is hard to see, but they had on some gigantic lenses and I am guessing they got some great photos.
At the lodge we ordered some snacks and ate on the outside patio. There were some elk wandering around in the meadow.
Eating french fries and drinking apple juice.

We went on a very short hike up to the top of a small hill above the Lodge.
The group minus me. Thanks Green family for inviting us! We didn't get to hang out with you enough!

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