Saturday, December 04, 2010

Our Last Full Day, Part 2

From September 30th, continued...

After spending time with the Green family, we met up with Erik at his parents house in Kelly. These bison or (bison bison) as Sadie and Elisa would tell you (It's their scientific name) are on the way to Doug and Becky's house.

Colleen was sandwiched between Ephraim and Sadie. She started playing this game where they would tell her to "Go to sleep!" and she would flop forward. They would then yell "Wake up!" and hit her and she would sit back up. It brought lots of laughs and Ephraim still plays it.
Picture proof that Selah started to pull herself up at barely 6 months old.
Ephraim driving the Land Cruiser.
Doug and Becky live at the Teton Science School and this is the view from their house. (Sorry for the haze, there was a fire).
After a yummy dinner we went for a walk to the river.

The kids played in the water and threw rocks.

Sadie had just fallen down and was a little startled but came back up smiling.

My beautiful sister.
Becky and Raina. Is there anything sweeter than knowing that your kids grandparents love them?
My handsome hubby. Do you see those eyes? No wonder I can't ever stay mad at him.
The view on the hike back.

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