Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meet "Yam"

This adorable creature is "Yam" (Lamb). If you know Ephraim, then you know that he has never developed an affinity for a stuffed animal or blanket. My mom bought him this lamb a few months ago, and Ephraim is more connected with this lamb than any other toy he has. (He doesn't sleep with Lamb, and doesn't have to have it, but he likes it).
I am often required to put a diaper on Lamb, and a few times Lamb has made the trip in the car. The other day Ephraim made Forrest put the clothes we had just taken off of him on Lamb (including socks and shoes, but the shoes didn't stay on). Ephraim then lifted up his shirt and said "Eat" while he was feeding Lamb like Momma feeds Selah. I thought it was super cute and love that he is understanding what is going on in the world around him.