Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 Months

Selah's 2 Month Stats (on 5/17)
Weight: 13 pounds 1.2 ounces (95th percentile)
Height: 23.75 inches (92nd percentile)
Head circumference: 15 inches (33rd percentile)

We knew that Selah was getting big and were taking bets on how much she was going to weigh. I can't even mentally try to compare her to her brother at this age since size wise they are polar opposites (Ephraim weighed 10 pounds and was an inch shorter at 2 months)

(is there anything cuter than a chubby baby in a dress?)

What Selah is up to:
  • She smiles a lot. She tends to hide her smiles when the camera gets out, but she loves looking at faces or her "guys" on her swing or bouncer.
  • She is cooing and talking. I love the little sounds she makes when she is happy.
  • She eats every 2 hours during the day. I would love to try to extend the feeding times, but feeding her on demand is working well for us. It makes getting her down for a nap difficult sometimes, but she is going 8-11 hours in between feedings at night and I don't want to screw that up.
  • Since she eats so frequently during the day it really varies on how many naps she takes. I like to keep her on an eat, awake time, sleep schedule, but she will often try to stay awake till her next feeding and then fall asleep right afterwards. She isn't consistent on when she tries to do that so it is hard to figure out her nap schedule.
  • She can go from happy to mad in an instant. Usually a pacifier and rocking her will make her calm. I laugh and call her Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde because nothing will set her off and she will get extremely loud.
  • She loves to be held. I often wear her in my moby style wrap just so I can get things done.
  • She is completely in 3-6 month clothing.
  • She loves tummy time and I often lay her down on my lap if she starts to get fussy.
Selah isn't quite sure what to think of Ephraim. Most of the time he makes her smile, but sometimes she gets a little nervous. (In the picture below Ephraim had to make sure that the lamb was kissing Selah too).

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Barb said...

All of these pictures are quite adorable! Forrest in the box could be used for "something" I am sure.:)
Thanks for posting.