Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roofing Project Day 1

Forrest and I have known for awhile that we needed to replace our roof. When we bought our house 3 years ago, we were told we probably had 5 years left on it. After getting several quotes we chose a company and the fun began.

Ephraim spent a lot of time at his bedroom window watching what was going on. On the first day a truck came to deliver the supplies.
Ephraim and I went outside to check things out. He thought the truck was really cool.

Our roof is quite steep (the main reason we chose not to replace the roof ourselves) and the guys had to nail boards to the roof to keep the shingles from sliding down. The guy who was unloading the shingles from the boom onto the roof did not want to go up there, and even called his boss who came to check out the roof for himself.
Ephraim decided it would be fun to see if he could climb in the truck.

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Brendan Gertner said...

All that work going on must have been pretty cool for the kid! Well, seeing the roofing get done can be pretty fun, in any case. Seeing the house change a bit, through the work of the roofers, is quite an experience.

-Brendan Gertner