Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visiting the Brownlee Ladies

Merrick unexpectedly had to go to France for a week in the beginning of December. That meant that Ephraim and I got to travel to Oregon to hang out with the lovely Brownlee girls. Ephraim and I left right after MOPS on Tuesday and got there by 3:30. Ephraim was very excited to see Gracie.

On Wednesday morning Ephraim was up bright and early and ran to the door of the room he knew Gracie was in and started knocking. We let them sleep in peace for a little bit longer. At breakfast Ephraim decided that they needed to be sitting in the same chair. For the rest of our time there he tried to eat every meal with Grace.
The Coleman's came over Wednesday afternoon and we went out to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory (which has now become a craving... thank you very much)
On Thursday morning, I took Grace and Ephraim to my mom's house. The kids had fun sweeping the kitchen after lunch.

It was pretty impressive that both kids took naps. Hannah arrived with Claire in the middle of nap time and when they both got up we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers.

Hannah and I had a little bet about which kiddo would taste the frosting first. Grace won, but Ephraim was not far behind her.

Ephraim was eating m&m's faster than I could put them on the roof.
The finished house.
Ephraim loved baby Claire while we were there and constantly wanted to be holding her.

Ephraim and I left Friday afternoon (after a trip to Taco Bell of course) and were home by 7PM.

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