Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still Need Some Practice

I was inspired by Bethany to let Ephraim try feeding himself with a spoon. Since Ephraim never ate baby food, I haven't been feeding him with a spoon, so I never thought about it.
I decided to try with yogurt for breakfast the other morning.
He had some interesting ways of getting the yogurt to his mouth.

He sure was proud of himself though.


Bethany said...

Way to go Ephraim! It's the ingenius ways that are the most fun, huh? Keep up the good practicing! It looks like you didn't make too much of a mess, either - and that's a huge plus. :)

Barb said...

Such a big boy! Some day the spoon will seem so easy!

C. Beth said...

Ha ha ha--that is so cute! My little guy is starting to learn to use a spoon. It's frustrating for me due to the MESS!

I clicked on you through BBC--thanks for sharing your blog!