Friday, April 03, 2009

On My Last Day Being Zero...

*Mommy and I had toast for breakfast.
*We went to Babies R Us. Mommy bought me a book for my birthday (don't tell anyone but she let me read it in the car.)
*We ate lunch at The Pita Pit. I had lots of olives and only made a small mess.
*We went to Target. Mommy bought some clothes and a giant blue ball for me. I carried it in the shopping cart through the whole store.
*I took 2 naps today. Mommy told me she was very proud of me. I don't get why that is a big deal.

*We did laundry. I like to take the dirty clothes out of the washing machine when Mommy is trying to put them in.
*I played with the vacuum cleaner. That thing is cool!
*Mommy is packing my things to go down to Oregon. She tells me that I get to eat cake this weekend - whatever that is.


Andrea said...

I can't believe he is one already! Have a good trip and "Happy Birthday Little Man!".

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Ephraim!