Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Protest

Today Lyndsey and I carpooled down to Olympia to attend the Anti-Tax Tea Party Rally at the state capital. It was Ephraim and Lexie's first time to the capital and the first time protesting.
The kids had a blast playing in the grass.
Two young protesters - starting their political journey early.
There were about 5000 people there. Even if you don't agree with why we were there, it is awesome that we live in a country that allows peaceful demonstrations and free speech.

On the way up to the capital - I ran into my OB/GYN's nurse. It was really funny to see someone I knew in such a random place. (I always knew I liked her)

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Joani said...

My grandma dressed all of her grandchildren up in red sweaters with elephants on them for Reagen's election in 1980.....I had no idea why until just a few years ago....apparently my family had no problem with children & political statements either (although I'm sure my Dad wouldn't do it now - he's had enough 'political' attention to last a lifetime =)