Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Two Months Old

Ephraim is two months old today! Time has just flown by. Yesterday we went to the doctor's for his check up. He weighs 10 pounds, 5 ounces (21st percentile) up from the 5th percentile he was when he was born. He is 22 3/4 inches tall (46th percentile) and his head is 14 1/2 inches around (8th percentile). So overall he's still pretty little.

He has become more expressive lately which is lots of fun. And he is becoming happy again. From weeks 5.5-7.5 he was fussy. Fussy, fussy, fussy and all I did all day was rock and sing to him and then I would hand him off to Forrest when he got home so that I could actually feel like I accomplished something during the day (a load of laundry, taking a shower, etc.) In the last week or so he has turned back into my happy boy who smiles and coos all the time and goes down for naps easily.
I believe he has a bit of an imp in him. Check him out in his swing. I like that he is trying to escape even though he is buckled in and looks like he is saying "What Mom?"

We have learned that he loves to be outdoors. If he is starting to get upset - we can take him outside and he instantly calms down. This only works the first time though... if I bring him back inside and he becomes upset again - going outside no longer works.

He is a wiggle worm. He can lift his head up 90 degrees when he is on his tummy and does a crawling motion that doesn't take him anywhere.

He thinks he is funny. I will change his diaper, only to have him poop as soon as get all his clothes back on. Then he will get a big grin on his face and just look at me.

He loves to hang out with Forrest. Here they are lounging on a Saturday morning.

Sitting up in bed like a big boy.


Merrick said...

Could we get more pictures of Forrest and Ephraim in bed, but with Ephraim off to the side?

Hannah said...

Ephraim sounds just like Emmett was! He went through a fussy couple of weeks too. And he still poops as soon as I change his diaper. These past two months have flown by!!

Hannah N

Hannah said...

He is so cute. I think he is looking a little more like Forrest as he is fattening up and being awake and alert. I can't wait to see him again.