Friday, June 27, 2008

Being Outsmarted

Ahh... motherhood. I love it to pieces - I never imagined how fun it would be. I also never imagined that I would be getting outsmarted by my almost 3 month old. I expected to be manipulated eventually - you don't work with kids for 8 years and not see their expert skills at work. I just didn't expect it to start so early. Ephraim has figured out that if he screams bloody murder when he is in his car seat then his mom pulls over to comfort him. The other day we were going to the mall to shop for a baby shower we are going to today. He started to get really upset so I pulled into a park. I took him out of his car seat - crying stopped. Put him back in - crying started again. Took him out - crying stopped. I then was able to drive for a few more miles before it started again. So -trying to get the upper hand, I stopped to nurse him a little to get him to fall asleep. Thank goodness for magic boobs. Although, I am not sure I really got the upper hand, because he got out of his car seat. I guess I will have to rethink my strategy.


Living the Life.... said...

"Magic Boobs"...LOL!! Keep up the good work! He is a doll.

Andrea said...

Asher did this for a while...for us I think it was more of a "Mama and Dada are gone and I am all by myself and I am scares" line of thinking on Asher's part. We even asked the Dr about it and she gave us a blank stare. He now just hollers at us when we are putting him soon as he is settled he is just fine.

Bethany said...

I love your magic boobs comment. Seth always tells me he's jealous of my "magical powers" in the same regard with Ellie. It is nice that nursing does seem to work in almost all screaming situations. :) Hopefully Ephraim will get used to his car seat soon - I know how the screaming bloody murder coming from the backseat can break your heart.

P.S. He just keeps getting cuter!