Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The First of Many

Last Wednesday, Ephraim and I traveled down to Oregon with my mom. Forrest actually took his day off instead of working on his day off and joined us Thursday night. It was a lot of fun. Thursday morning I went to visit Marisa, Drew and Sydney. Steve and Cindy Jacoby and Lee and Kelly Willcox arrived on Thursday afternoon to visit. I consider them family, so it was great to see them. We went out on the boat on Friday afternoon and had a lunch of bagels and shrimp - just like Lake Powell. It was bittersweet - my dad would have really enjoyed Friday and it was glaringly obvious that he was missing.
Later that evening, Nate and Ramie and Merrick, Hannah and Grace arrived. Grace was so cute. She showed us her new trick of showing how old she is and I definitely made sure that she knew how to say "Amy." We will work with her on saying Forrest. We all stayed up way to late, but it was a fun and relaxing evening full of lots of laughs and only one screen door being walked through.
On Saturday Nate and Ramie came back to play on the water. Nate just started wakeboarding, but has already figured out how to get up consistently and can go outside of the wake without any problems.
Here is Forrest wakeboarding. Notice the Sheriff boat in the background.
Ephraim did not like his life jacket, so while I was out playing in the water he was spending some quality time with his Nana on the dock. Now that the weather is nice we hope to spend more weekends down in Oregon hanging out with family and friends and taking full advantage of my mom's boat!


Merrick said...

Thanks for not saying who walked through the screen door. That would have been really embarrassing for Nate.

Hannah said...

I like that my husband will comment on your posts, but never on mine... By the way, did you hear that it is supposed to be 97 this weekend? Are you coming back down? =)