Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Sweet Baby and Husband

I forgot yesterday to take pictures of Ephraim on his blanket with Dopey to compare from a month ago, so here is the picture. He then had tummy time and was so cute!
I have to brag about my husband. When we first found out we were pregnant - I promised Forrest that he would not have to get up in the middle of the night. The reason I promised this was that Forrest leaves for work at 6AM and is usually up around 5AM - and I figured that since he is the one bringing in the dough - that he should get some sleep. The other night Ephraim was having a hard time sleeping. At 2:30 he was up for the third time since I had fed him and was crying. Forrest woke up to hear me pleading with Ephraim "Please go to sleep so I can get some sleep." Forrest volunteered to take him so that I could get some sleep. Forrest kept him until 4:30 when Ephraim was ready to eat again. My sweet husband got very little sleep that night, but is my hero for letting me rest!

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Hannah said...

He is such a DOLL!!! A friend told me about gripe water. I never tried it, but if he's fussy at night, you might want to try it. I think it's homeopathic, but you could run it by your dr. first. Also, we used gas drops a lot at that age.

hannah n