Monday, May 05, 2008

One Month

Ephraim turned one month old yesterday. It has been a month of discoveries.
*When he is hungry - he's hungry and will scream and cry loudly until he is fed. This is usually the only time he cries.
*He loves to cuddle. His favorite way to fall asleep is snuggled up on mom or dad's chest.
*Wallis barking does not faze him. Wallis licking his head does not bother him either.
*He loves tummy time.
*He likes his swing - most of the time, it really depends on his mood.
*He does not like his bouncer yet.
*He has been to the doctor's office 7 times in a month.
*His mom is a milk making machine and has 60+ bags of milk in the freezer.
*He has his mother's circulation - his hands are typically cold.
*He has finally figured out eating in the past week and now weighs a whopping 7 pounds 6 ounces. (slightly over the 5th percentile).
*He likes his car seat sometimes.
*He doesn't really like pacifiers - he prefers to suck on our fingers.
*He can get out of any swaddle we put him in - which is why we are going to buy a new swaddle blanket with velcro on the inside and outside.
*When he is sleeping - he will kick and move himself up in his cradle so that his head is right against the railing when I go to pick him up after a nap.


Hannah said...

It goes by fast, huh? Emmett was a mover when he was sleeping idea how they do it! He would get out of the swaddle too and we used one with velcro. Maybe it's a boy thing! Ephraim is it when you share pics!
hannah n

Kat said...

Wow, I can't believe that it has been a month already. That is C-razy! He is soooo cute, I love his expressions :) And seeing that picture of your Mom holding him really was AWESOME! Please give him a kiss for the California Willcox's!

Andrea said...

So glad to hear everything is going well. We had one of the HUGE swaddles(42" x 42") and that is the only thing that kept Asher in. We also had our pinkies in his mouth non-stop until he figured out how to suck his thumb-if you use a sling you can still have one hand free to do stuff (like eat!). Keep up the good work!