Sunday, April 27, 2008

Three Weeks Old

Little Ephraim turned three weeks old on Friday! It is so crazy that he has been in our lives for that long. On Thursday we went back to the doctor's office for a weight check. The poor guy has been to the doctor's a minimum of two times a week since he has been born. He gained three ounces this week - which is less than he is supposed to, but more than he gained last week. I think we are going to throw a small party when he reaches 7 pounds.

He is getting very expressive lately - even though I know he is not smiling at me on purpose - it is still so much fun to see his big grin.

Forrest worked like crazy this past week - two 14 hour days, so I snapped a picture of him and Ephraim getting some quality time.


Hannah said...

Time sure flies! I love those little gowns. They were one of my favorite things on Emmett.

Hannah N

Bethany said...

Hey Amy - He's precious! I must admit, I feel connected to you, too, since our due dates were only a week apart. Unfortunately for me, I'm still pregnant... and very envious of your adorable little 3 week old. :) Hopefully soon he'll be a champion eater. We'll be praying that he starts gaining weight more quickly soon.