Thursday, October 26, 2006

47 Gallons

That's right. 47 gallons of apple cider were made this past weekend. Forrest and I went down on Friday night to Nate and Ramie's house in Salem with a carload full of apples. Our car was so weighed down that I could barely make it up Nate and Ramie's steep hill. Then on Saturday morning, the four of us went to Nate's uncle's rental property and picked more apples so that we would have more than one variety. Justin Birch and his dog Barkley came over, and we made lots of cider on an old Mennonite press. As soon as I upload my pictures I will add them. Forrest and I took home 17 gallons of cider. It's a good thing that Frank and Lona have an extra freezer otherwise they would have gone bad. Making cider was a lot of fun, and we all wished that the other people who were invited could have made it. I will refrain from posting the silly names we called them. However, everyone should be getting prepared for next year because Birch plans on making 100 gallons.

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