Monday, October 16, 2006


Thursday was my 28th birthday. I think I have been mentally preparing for this day for months. For some reason, in my mind 28 seems A LOT older than 27. And way closer to the infamous 30. But although I turned "old", I had

a lot of fun. Forrest woke me up in the morning with presents - a hot pink ipod and an itunes gift card that had a permanent marker with it. Forrest explained that the marker was to throw me off in case I was snooping. My sister Colleen and my niece Elisa flew in on Thursday afternoon. Elisa is a lot of fun, and she was a great birthday present. Forrest came home and we made sushi for dinner and had molten lava cake for dessert. Then, Michelle and Ryan came up from Newberg to spend the night. It was a pretty fun birthday for being so "old." :)

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