Thursday, April 26, 2012

Homeschooling Update

I thought it was time for a homeschooling update.  Things are going pretty well.  We typically do preschool 2-3 times a week depending on moods.  Ephraim is sometimes really into school and requests doing a lot and other times isn't interested at all.  He just turned 4 so I am not feeling like I need to push it.

We are still using the Sonlight 3-4 program for our books.  Ephraim has a few books that he LOVES and we often read them over and over.  Selah has also found some favorites that we have to read too.  I also purchased All About Reading Pre Level-1 pack.  It is a great program that reviews letters, introduces letter sounds and works on pre-reading skills such as rhyming and identifying sentence length, etc.

Ephraim loves to do workpages - so I print off preschool packs from the internet.  Some of my favorite websites are 1 plus 1 plus 1 and Homeschool Creations.  These pictures are from March and we were working on a Saint Patrick's Day pack.

Selah insists on being at the table being a part of school so I will often print off coloring pages, etc that go along with the theme Ephraim is working on.  Several of the websites I get stuff off of have tot packs which are perfect for her.
Her favorite things are to color and use dot markers.
Ephraim was very serious about his coloring.
I am trying to vary up lunches - and I have found that my kids love me to serve lunch in muffin tins.  (The one on the left is from the Dollar Tree)

I have also realized that I don't do a lot of crafts with my kids because I don't like the mess.  (Which is slightly odd because I am not a neat freak)  I am trying to improve on this so I made cloud flour for the kids.  
It is a mixture of flour and baby oil and they really enjoyed it.
I added in dinosaurs  - but they seemed to enjoy smushing it and making balls the most.
Best part - it was easily vacuumed.
I am not sure what next year holds curriculum wise for us.  Ephraim is not showing signs of being ready to read - but I am afraid that the Sonlight 4-5 program will be too boring for him.  I will most likely follow in the steps of my little sister and do My Father's World Kindergarten (which she believes is really more like a preschool program.)  It's a good thing there is plenty of time to decide!

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