Friday, April 20, 2012

Phone Photos

I figured out how to download pictures from my phone to the computer - and now I am sharing them with blog land. These are from the past year.  (sorry they are all sideways)

Forrest and Selah and the OSU vs Huskies baseball game at Safeco last April
Selah and Eph on the slides at the zoo
first pigtails
same day as pigtails -but at the urgent care for Ephraim
sound asleep in a shopping cart.
Ephraim asleep on his bedroom floor.
Playing in our backyard after Daddy built the new fence - July
First set of stitches - August
Playing on the tractors at one of our favorite places - Fox Hollow Farm

Playing at the creek at Fox Hollow Farm
Riding with Daddy at the company picnic

Playing in the corn bin at Thomasson Farms - October
How I found Ephraim during rest time (he's sound asleep)
Helping herself
Christmas shirt for Ephraim
Playing in the snow on our way to Yakima
Playing in apples
New shirts - January
Sound asleep in the Orvis Store - Feb 2012
My Bountiful Baskets haul March 2012
The birthday girl!  2!
Ephraim's basketball banquet
Homemade granola bars

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