Monday, May 07, 2012

A Pirate Birthday Party!

From March 31st

 Ephraim and Selah's birthdays are only 3 weeks apart. So - until they get old enough to tell me not too - they are having joint birthday parties.

This year's theme:  Pirates!

I made eye patches out of headbands and felt.
My neighbor threw a pirate birthday party for her son a year ago and I got to borrow some of her fantastic stuff.
The kids loved that I decorated the chandelier.
The table.
It is hard to see - but I hung a net across the door and strung a bunch of plastic fish in the net.
Dairy free lemonade cupcakes.
Pin the eyepatch on the pirate.  (I should become a professional artist.)
I made each of the kids an outfit with some fabric Lona got for me.
Once the guests arrived they were offered tattoos and mustaches.
Selah's pirate dress.
Helping the kids put eyepatches on the pirate.
This year I invited a few 3-4 year old boys and 2 year old girls.
It was a lot smaller than last year's party - but Ephraim and Selah thought it was a lot of fun.

My neighbor had this great blow up pirate boat and little rings for the kids to toss on to the masts.

Selah didn't want the ring toss to ever end.
I made swords out of pool noodles cut in half and black duct tape.  Lots of fun, but really squeaky.
For the girls I made ribbon wands.  (Eph is helping pass them out)
Blowing out candles.

Thanks friends for coming and celebrating with us!

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