Thursday, April 21, 2011

E at 3

It is hard to believe that our little guy is now 3. Here are some of the fun things he says/does.
Opening presents on his birthday

~Can count to 10. Always skips 4. And then says 16, 17, 19
~"That would be silly"
~"That's better"
~Is OBSESSED with swords. OBSESSED. Everything that resembles a sword has become one. I'm not a huge fan of swords, but we are rolling with it and teaching sword safety. :)
~Loves to hide (under blankets, pillows, etc.)
~Loves to build "ports" (forts)
~wears a hooded towel on his head so he can "run just like a hero!"
~weighs 29 pounds, 4 ounces (with clothes on) (25th percentile)
~is 38.5 inches tall (51st percentile)
~terrified of bugs (more on that in another post)
~loves his friends and is always wanting them invited to our house
~favorite toys are cars and trains
~enjoys stories
~prefers to be without clothes on as much as possible
~talks all of the time. In full sentences.
~likes to drum
~all "L's" in the middle of the a word are pronounced "Y's" (Selah = say-yah)
~calls his bottom his "body" - "you have to down the slide on your body"
favorite birthday present - the 1$ velcro ball thing at Target

~adores his sister
~loves to play "crash" where he tackles Selah to the ground
~favorite food is pancakes and he asks for them all of the time
~favorite color is green
~still wakes up once a night and crawls into our bed
~loves to snuggle
~only naps once a week, if that
~is usually asleep by 8PM
~is up anytime between 6:30 and 8AM
Dairy free ice cream sundaes

~is still very lactose intolerant and understands that he has special "Ephraim butter" and "Ephraim milk"
~can tolerate ranch dressing (to dip veggies in) and Kraft macaroni and cheese (but not Annie's - that has real cheese in it)
~loves to play basketball
~loves to jump

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