Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Cowboy Birthday Party

From April 2nd,

Since the kids birthday's are only 3 weeks apart, we decided to have a combined birthday party for them. The theme was cowboys - since Ephraim loves "Cowboy" aka Woody from Toy Story.
Here is my rendition of Woody for a little game of Pin the Hat on the Cowboy.

Dairy free cupcakes. Yum. I think that in preparing all of the food for the party I used the equivalent of 8 tubs of Earth Balance.
The cupcakes had little sweet tart candies in cowboy shapes on them. We also had brisket and pulled chicken sandwiches, chips, veggies, lemonade and root beer.
Every kid was greeted at the door and given the option of wearing a cowboy hat. Elisa is modeling it for me.
Selah wore the leftovers.
Decorating paper bags for cowboy vests.
Playing pin the hat on the cowboy.
Digging into her first cupcake.
Ephraim just ate the candy off of his.
Selah thoroughly enjoyed hers.
Kids playing. There were 16 kids 8 and under at the house. It was a little crazy.
Lots of fun.
But a little crazy.
Thanks to everyone for celebrating our kiddos with us!

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