Tuesday, May 03, 2011

April Shenanigans

My kids seem to have a knack for getting into things or causing trouble. Here are some photos of what they did in April.

Climbing into the oven.

Emptying a bag of powdered sugar on his plate. He was saying "Yum. I like sugar."
I was just saying (in my head) "Thanks for not being on my couch."
What I don't have pictures of:
~Ephraim pouring a quart of pure maple syrup on his plate so he could make a lake.
~Having to call poison control for Selah since she decided to lick some toilet gel out of the toilet.
~Ephraim getting his first stitch (in his mouth)
We are hoping there are less shenanigans in May (or at least less messy)


Barb said...

Ok, you definitely need more cabinets in your kitchen - even better with some locks on them:) Ephraim's shenanigans could get expensive! :) (they are still sooo cute, though!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, some of those shenanigans sound pretty scary!! Your kids are adorable!! :)