Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ephraim the Destroyer

Ephraim has officially started crawling. He has been able to get himself anywhere he wants by rolling for a few weeks, and I was wondering if he was even going to crawl (Forrest didn't crawl) - but on Friday night we were playing rock band at a friend's house and as we were in the middle of rocking it out, Ephraim crawled to their fireplace and tried to play with tools. He has been bee lining for stuff ever since. With this new ability, he has also developed a no fear complex. He has no fear of rolling off of the couch, changing table, bed, etc. We haven't had any accidents yet, but there have been several close calls. I am seriously thinking of moving the changing pad to the floor.

In the past few months I have laughed at my friends who have kids that ruin things. My sweet baby didn't ruin anything. Ha! They can all laugh at me now. Ephraim has become a great destroyer, and I am now picking up after him constantly.


Bethany said...

Good work Ephraim! Ellie is super excited you've decided to crawl. Amy, I hope you're not going too crazy trying to keep up with him and pick up any messes he's making.

BabyBrock said...'s your turn now Arnold's! Way to go Ephraim!

Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning!

Barb said...

Ok Ephraim! Now see if you can find all your pacifiers!

Paige said...

Crawling!? Sheesh, I have no sense of time... I feel like he should still be 6 weeks small. Haha, I think I'll freak when he walks.