Saturday, November 22, 2008

God's Sense of Humor

For about a week, every time I have opened my refrigerator I think, "I should clean this out." Tonight Forrest and I returned from an evening of watching the Beavs beat Arizona with friends to a refrigerator and freezer that was no longer keeping anything cold. We moved what we could to our deep freeze and drink refrigerator in the garage and also threw a bunch of old stuff out. I cooked 8 pounds of hamburger and 6 pork chops and made jam out of the defrosted raspberries. Forrest has cleaned both the refrigerator and freezer. Maybe I should start completing the other little tasks I think about when I am going throughout my day so that God doesn't have to break anything else to get my attention.

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thehaleys said...

Hey Amy!
I hope you're doing great! I read a few of your posts and it looks like you've had a fun fall! I found your site on Marisa's page. Sorry about your fridge! I better clean mine out soon! =)