Sunday, October 26, 2008

A 30th Birthday Extravaganza

Two weeks ago I turned 30. Yikes! To celebrate in style, we went to the Palm Springs of Washington - Yakima. Drew and Marisa, Merrick and Hannah, and Nate and Ramie drove 4 plus hours to join us. Brent and Hannah Noel joined us for the festivities as well (they live in Yakima so they didn't have to travel). On Saturday we went slightly crazy with apple picking. My cousins (also some of my favorite people ever) arranged for us to pick apples at two orchards as well as pick up some culls (rejects) from two warehouses. We filled up my dad's Chevy Avalanche, Nate's Toyota, and had 6 boxes of apples.
Forrest -very excited about picking an apple.
Gracie with Jim Parsley - he works at one of the warehouses and gave us a tour.
One of the huge cold storage rooms filled with boxes of pears ready to be shipped out. Jim told us this room had been completely full two days before, floor to ceiling - which indicates how fast they ship things out.
Ephraim hanging out in a crate full of apples.
Drew and Merrick picking apples out of the crate.
Mommy and Ephraim.
Grace being a big helper.
On Sunday, my uncle Jerry and aunt Fay came over and they took us to lunch at Red Robin. I was really excited for Ephraim to meet Jerry. He's my dad's brother and the only Forbes left of that generation since my Uncle Rex passed away a year before my dad did.
Uncle Jerry - can't you see the resemblance?
Fay playing with Ephraim.
Jacob and Ephraim hanging out. Ephraim actually is happy in this picture.
Ephraim chillin in a truck full of apples.

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