Sunday, October 26, 2008

160 gallons

Last weekend, Nate and Ramie graciously opened up their home to 40 people for a cider making party. We made 160 gallons and were limited in amount only by a lack of containers. It was beautiful weather and great for cider making.
My mom and Gracie.
Ephraim made a new friend - Sophia!
Giving it my all to crank the cider press. It was tough!
Hannah giving it a whirl.
Shara and Grace.
Forrest catching apples.
Merrick, Sophia and Grace in the back of the truck.
We ended the night with a bonfire. Perfect!

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Barb said...

What great pictures! It was truly a great day. Dad would have loved being a part of it and I know he is thrilled that you are keeping up the tradition with just a new twist.