Monday, August 04, 2008

Our Little Munchkin

Happy 4 month Birthday Ephraim!

Ephraim's "Stats"

*14 pounds, 2 ounces (35th percentile)
*24 1/2 inches long (35th percentile)
*Head is 15 3/4 inches around (7th percentile)
*eats every 2 1/2 hours - Our pediatrician believes that Ephraim is playing catch up from his first month and a half of life - and thinks that once Ephraim catches up in weight then he will stretch out his eating.
*enjoys standing up
*likes tummy time - He is not really interested in rolling over - he'd rather just look around
*loves books
*loves being outside
*Is quite the talker, and enjoys laughing
*he seems to understand the difference between girls and guys and loves to interact with his dad and uncle Ryan.
*Still hates his car seat.
*He has started to grab objects, but doesn't really understand what to do with them after he has them.
*He has several new nicknames - Drool Bug, Chunky Monkey, and at times, Mr. Cranky Pants

Ephraim becomes more and more fun everyday! He is a very happy baby and makes it easy to enjoy being a mom.

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Anonymous said...

he is such a doll! it seems crazy that he's already 4 months...time sure flies!