Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Catch Up

The Last week of our lives:
Wednesday - Ryan came up to take the first part of a scuba diving course with Forrest.
Thursday - my new washer and dryer came. Aren't they pretty?

Friday - my mom, Michelle, and Ryan came up to spend the weekend.
Saturday - Ryan and Forrest took a scuba diving course to get certified to go to Hawaii. It was not that warm on Saturday in Covington (apparently it was sunny everywhere else), so we went to the SuperMall and did some shopping in preparation for Hawaii.
Sunday- the girls went to church and then we had lunch at Ivars in Renton on the waterfront. There is a really nice pathway so we took a nice long walk and were able to see the Blue Angels perform. It was really cool. The boys finished their course.
Ephraim spitting up on the top of Michelle's head - she washed her hair two times that morning
The one time we were actually going to be on time for church, Ephraim had the biggest blowout ever in his car seat.


jhjumper said...

I didn't think those were the highlights!! I was thinking more the Blue Angels, and the holding the happy baby. :)

Laura said...

Paige will LOVE using that new washer and dryer :)