Friday, August 29, 2008


Our trip to Hawaii was absolutely wonderful and way too short. I love spending time with my family anywhere, but there was the added reality that we were in paradise and all on vacation that made it that more wonderful. Colleen posted on her blog a day by day list of all of the activities we did, so I won't repeat. I do need to say thank you to my daddy though - his 400K skymiles made our trip possible. We missed him terribly, but thought of him often!

Our little beach baby. He loved being in the water and would fuss after being taken out.
Michelle, mom and Elisa kayaking.
Elisa and Erik. I think this picture would look really cool in black and white, but I am Photoshop retarded so I can't change it.
Sadie - isn't she a beauty!
Elisa and Ephraim.
Grandpa Jack with his two youngest great grandkids.
A sunset off of our Lanai.
I think that Sadie and Ephraim look a lot alike.
Ephraim chillin in his diaper.
Erik, Forrest and Ryan in their scuba gear. Forrest has a sweet tan line from his booties!

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