Thursday, April 10, 2008

More baby pics

What, no new baby pics? Nope not yet!

Sure, its 1:23 in the morning and even in my partial state of stupor I might be able to reach into the camera bag, pull out the memory card, walk next door to the office load the photos onto our computer, log into this site and post a new blog similar to this one only with pics added using the handy "Add image" button. But nah, I'm going to sit here in the nursery on my laptop typing this, for lack of a thesaurus, useless post, while Amy feeds Ephraim then I'll stumble back to bed hoping to not trip over the dog on my way.

Oh and he just peed all over the changing pad, his blanket, the changing table, and the wall. Kids' got skillz! Good thing Grandpa was smart and put plenty of coats of finish on the changing table he made.

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