Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little high school basketball

My second cousin Jacob is 16 and was playing a basketball game in Cle Elum on February 1st.  It is over snoqualmie pass, but only a little over an hour for us, so we packed up the kids and met Dennis and Mindy for some dinner before the game.  

Ephraim and Selah did a great job watching the game. We actually ended up watching  most of the girls game too.  Dennis treated them to candy in between games and that kept them pretty happy. 
Selah and Dennis dancing during the boys warmups. 
Jacob is the tall blond by the hoop.  Ki
Kinsley was content to sit in the bleachers and play with toys.  

It was lots of fun to see Jacob play and they won!  

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Hannah said...

I love it when you blog. It makes me feel like we don't live so far away when I know what your normal life is like. Miss you, friend.