Monday, February 17, 2014

13 on 13

It is only the second month of the year and I have already missed taking pictures on the tenth.  So I took them on the 13th instead.  
Early morning snuggles in my bed. 
The kids have been enthralled with the Olympics.  Here is some morning figure skating. 
10:30 AM and just now getting to eat my breakfast of coffee and cinnamon sugar toast. 
School.  Reading lessons. 

My instructions this afternoon were to get dressed we are going to Costco. Apparently Selah believes that means formal attire  

Selah's view of me. 
Dreaming of my mom's river while at Costco. 
A trip to the post office.  Good grief I hate taking three kids in there. 
Folding laundry in the afternoon while Kinsley shows off her pulling up to standing trick. 
Bananas and puffs for dinner.  
Bedtime stories.  
She couldn't make it to 8 to watch some Olympics. 
The table is ready for valentines breakfast.  

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