Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Kinsley at 7 months

Kinsley continues to be a super sweet, go with the flow type of baby.  She gets dragged along to lots of places and handles it all like a pro.

Eating: She is still breastfeeding every 3 - 4 hours.  It is usually closer to 3, but I know she can go longer, she just wants to comfort nurse.  She has yet to try any solid foods.  I have attempted to give her small pieces of rice, mashed potatoes, etc and she just spits everything out.  If she does accidentally swallow something she then vomits.  I am taking that as a sign she is not ready and will just follow her lead.

Sleeping:  She is still sleeping on me for most naps.  She takes 4 plus naps a day.  Kinsley goes down for the night around 8 and if she had her way, could sleep until after 9AM.  That never happens though - because her siblings are really good at waking her up.  She is still sleeping in bed with us - but I have been working really hard on getting her in her own bed.  So far - complete failure.  The longest she has ever stayed asleep in her bed is 15 minutes.  I will keep trying and someday in the future look back at this and laugh because she will be sleeping through the night in her own bed.  I would really like Kinsley to be down to three naps, but if she is woken up before 8AM - her day is just thrown upside down.  She then needs a nap within an hour of waking up and it just throws her schedule off.  I'm not sure how to remedy that.

Moving:  Kinsley can roll anywhere she wants to go, and is quite good at reaching and grabbing things.  In the last week she has become proficient at getting on her hands and knees and rocking.  This usually makes her scoot backwards and she then becomes stuck.  Then frustrated.  She cannot push herself into a sitting position yet, but is really close.  If you start her sitting up, she can balance for a long time and then usually falls forward.

Talking: Kinsley loves to make herself known.  She will screech at the top of her lungs just for the fun of it.  She hasn't put many sounds together, but occasionally will say "ba ba ba ba"  She loves to make trumpet sounds with her lips.  She also groans herself to sleep.  It is really funny when we are in public and I have her in the carrier.  She will have her head on my chest, eyes closed, and be groaning.  Loudly.  I get some really funny looks.

Dislikes:  Kinsley does not like to be squished, or choked, or laid on.  Guess who does that?  She does not like to have me out of her eyesight - she starts to cry.  It has made accomplishing things very difficult.  She also hates it when I take showers.  I put her in the exersaucer in my bathroom and she cries the entire time.  She is also afraid of the dark.  Which makes driving anytime after 4:30 difficult.  

Likes: Kinsley loves to be sung to.  She enjoys riding in her baby carrier.  She loves Sophie the Giraffe and balls.

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