Friday, January 10, 2014

10 on 10 January

My friend Sara is a professional photographer and does a 10 on 10 challenge every month.  Taking 10 photos in the course of the day.  Here are mine.  

7 AM.  Baby is sound asleep in my bed.  
8 AM.  Baby shows signs of waking which means the bigs think they have the right to start attacking.  
9 AM. School  Math is his favorite subject. 
11 AM  Selah has swim lessons
12 A trip to Freddie's. 
1:30 After her second nap of the day Kinsley is enjoying floor time. 
2:30 finishing school.  He is measuring the length of the couch with "Ephraim feet"
4 PM  rest time. A bit later than usual today 
During rest time Kins found my yarn 
5:30 the bigs thought it was a good idea to empty out every single item of clothing on their floor. And spent the next 45 minutes cleaning.  
7:30 a bit of pre bedtime dancing 

It was fun to document our day, but a bit exhausting to remember to keep taking pictures.  Looking forward to trying again next month. 

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Hannah said...

This is fun. I might have to copy you... though you will probably need to remind me before the 10th. =)