Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kinsley at 5 months

Kinsley is so much fun right now.  In so many ways she is a dream baby and in other areas we have some struggles.  Here are some facts about our girl. 

Weight: Around 20 pounds.  
Eating: About every three hours. She can sometimes go four and every once in a while wants to eat every two and a half. I feed her on demand so there is no set schedule. She is starting to pay more attention to us eating, but we won't try her in solids for at least a month.  Right now I am planning on skipping the purées and going straight to real food ala Baby Led Weaning. 
Sleeping: this is where we are struggling. She takes four naps a day and they are usually about 45 minutes. Right now she only wants to sleep in my arms or with me wearing her.  Every time I lay her in the crib she wakes up and freaks out. This started about a month ago when she became too strong/big for her swaddles. She has the worst startle reflex of all my kids and flails herself awake really easily. At night we are co sleeping.  We do it so that I can get some sleep.  In my ideal world she would sleep from about 8PM till after 1AM in her crib and then I would bring her to bed. I would also like her to take at least two naps in her crib. I am trying to remember that this is only a phase and she will not do this forever. It can seem so hard and impossible in the moment, but really isn't a big deal in the long run.  

New tricks: Kinsley has been rolling over from back to front for almost two months, but has not once attempted to roll from front to back. She recently figured out she has toes which always makes me laugh.  She is so chubby and then watching her bend her body up to grab her toes is funny.  She is starting to grab at her toys.  I bought a exersaucer off of Facebook and she loves it.  

Personality: Kinsley is super smiley.  She enjoys watching people and thinks it is fun to sit in my bible study and watch a bunch of women talk.  She is pretty connected to me, and will do fine with others for awhile and then wants to be able to see me or hear my voice.  She has been in the nursery at church several times and done fine, but we haven't tried leaving her on my Tuesday morning bible studies since that is almost three hours.  Every other week I lead a group and don't want to be called out for her. 

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