Sunday, July 14, 2013

Twin falls hike

Yesterday we went on our first hike as a family of five.  I had done some research and found a hike outside of North Bend that was rated really well for preschoolers. 
The hike started off pretty easy and then gradually got steeper. 
5.5 weeks old on her first hike.  She slept most if the hike and woke up twice to eat. 
Drinking water. 
The bridge over the waterfall was 1.7 miles in. There had been an overlook a mile before that I had stopped and fed Kinsley at.  The kids were doing great so we went the whole way. 

Playing in a tree. 
Rock jumping. Selah is a bit more timid, 
But Ephraim loved to jump off high 
We played in the river in our way back down. We had about a half mile left back to the car and it got a bit whiny.  Selah was the leader and that kept her somewhat happy.  
Kinsley after getting to eat at the river. 
Worn out. 
We had a great time hiking and can't wait to find another good hike for the kids. 

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