Friday, June 14, 2013

Life with Kinsley

*The past nine days have been a bit if a blur, but we are loving our sweet little girl.  There are several things we have learned so far:
*Girl has zero arm control.  As in none   I enjoy watching her flail her arms like she is attacking invisible ninjas because it is exactly what I remember feeling when she was in my tummy. 
*because of her lack of arm control she loves being swaddled
*she likes pacifiers, but only when she is sleepy
*she eats every 2-3 hours but hasn't developed a consistent pattern yet.  
*we have struggled with her latch and saw a lactation consultant on Tuesday. Thankfully she had some ideas on how to help and gave us a nursing shield to get us through the next week or so until my milk regulates a little better
*Kinsley is a pretty chill baby.  Loud sounds don't seem to bother her much.  When she is mad or hungry though - watch out. Girlfriend has some lungs. 
*she is adored by her older siblings. Selah can't stop touching and kissing her and Ephraim loves to see her eyes open an is always telling me how cute she is 
*Kinsley loves to suck on her left thumb.  Maybe we will have a lefty like Forrest. 
*she makes the sweetest sounds when she is content.  I had forgotten how adorable all the little grunts and coos are. 

*with my other babies we followed the eat,awake, sleep routine.  Kinsley will do that occasionally but often falls asleep right after eating.  I thought I was pretty relaxed after Selah but think I am even more this time.  She will figure out her routine eventually and I am in no hurry to force one on her.  

*when she is alert, she is very alert and has great neck control.  

We are enjoying our newest addition and are looking forward ton learning more about her. 

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Paige Elizabeth said...

fun! i love reading all about her and the family. love hearing how ephraim and selah are falling in love with her too. so cute!