Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Take a Shower

  • Take a shower Thursday night, when kids are asleep and husband is at soccer game
  • Get out of shower and hear baby screaming hysterically.
  • Decide to take showers when your husband is home
  • Decide to take shower Saturday night
  • Spend evening comforting child who woke up screaming due to growing pains
  • Decide to take shower Sunday morning before church - when husband can watch both kids
  • Find out husband has to work all Sunday morning. No church, no shower
  • Decide to take shower Sunday night after kids go to bed
  • Crawl into bed at 12 after spending 3 hours convincing obnoxious youngest child to stay asleep in her own bed
  • Decide to take a shower Monday morning when husband who usually works from home on Mondays comes upstairs to eat breakfast and he can watch kids
  • Find out husband has an early meeting and is going to work
  • Decide to take a shower during youngest's nap time
  • Give up
  • Dreadlocks are cool and there is a reason they invented clinical strength deodorant

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Living the Life.... said...

That's good! If I lived closer, I'd come over so you could take a nice long shower!