Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Trip to the ER

From January 11th,

This morning I went to MOPS, like I do every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Ephraim went to his class and Selah came with me. Selah played at my feet, nursed and played some more. As MOPS was ending and people around me started to get up, Selah began vomiting. A lot. We went home, she took a nap and I tried nursing her again. As soon as she was done she threw up again. I called our doctor's office and they told me to try giving her small amounts of pedialyte every 5 minutes to keep her hydrated. She would immediately throw up the teaspoon I gave her. Selah took another nap and I tried the pedialyte again. Same result. I called our doctor's office around 4:30 and they instructed me to take her to the ER since she had not kept down any fluids since her morning feeding and had not had a wet diaper since 12. I waited until Forrest could get home (around 5:30) so we could go together. I tried the pedialyte again and she was able to keep down 2 attempts. This might sound silly - but as I was attempting to give her the third teaspoon - I prayed that God would make it obvious if we should take her in or not. I do not want to take my children to the ER unless it is necessary, and when she kept those 2 teaspoons down I was doubting the need to go in. Selah threw up immediately after swallowing. Prayer answered.

Our doctor sent us to Tacoma - Mary Bridge Children's Hospital ER. If you ever have the option of taking your child to an ER that has a pediatric unit - do it. They just know what they are doing with little ones. So worth the extra driving for us. The waiting room had touch screen computers kids could play games on. I had brought some cars for Ephraim to play with and he had a lot of fun in the open space.

Forrest and Ephraim in the triage room.
Selah and I. They took her temperature and were amazing at how quickly they did it (rectally) and she hardly even noticed. They gave her a dose of zofran and had us wait in the waiting room. Within 20 minutes you could tell Selah was feeling better. The rumbling that you could hear in her tummy before was quiet. The poor thing wanted to nurse, but I was under strict instructions to not feed her until a doctor saw us.
In the exam room waiting to see the doctor. You can tell in her face, she is not happy and wants to eat.
This cool magnetic board had different face parts that you could move around with little wands.
Ephraim and Selah. The staff also brought Ephraim some crayons and coloring pages. This was not just a 8 crayon set. It was a 48 crayon set. Ephraim thought that was really cool.
They sent us home with some zofran tablets and antibiotics for a nasty ear infection. We got home around 10:30. 4 hours in the ER - not bad. I came down with Selah's stomach bug in the middle of the night. She threw up again in the morning, we gave her a tablet and she and I were both pretty out of it for the rest of the day and watched a lot of tv and slept. She then was fine except for throwing up at exactly 11:30 at night for 3 nights in a row. Weird.

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