Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finding a Tree

From December 5th

This year Forrest and I went with a group of his friends to the National Forest to get our Christmas tree. I will admit that we were not very organized and it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I had envisioned us having a base camp, getting our trees and then having hot chocolate and hot dogs at base camp and playing in the snow. That didn't happen. Some of the people there were expecting there to be a bunch of Christmas tree farm trees at the top of a mountain and not wild, unpruned and unshaped trees. We did a lot of driving up and down the mountain, never set up base camp and it was super windy when we got our tree so we didn't spend a lot of time playing in the snow.

The kids did great in the car for the amount of time they spent in their seats. Poor Ephraim was hungry and tired and did not get enough time in the snow and conked out on our way home.
Our tree. We got it up the next night, but never got it decorated. Forrest is doing the lights. When I tried to help I was asked "what are you doing." Apparently I put lights on the tree wrong. It's fine by me, I enjoy watching my husband figure it out.
The kids loved the tree and we had the lights on all the time. When we took the tree down it had a total of 5 ornaments on it. Maybe next year we will actually get to decorate it.

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