Friday, October 29, 2010

First Soccer Game

From September 11th

I signed Ephraim up for 2 year old soccer. A little crazy, I know, but my kid loves balls and running.

Here is his team, the Little Tigers.
How Selah spent her time at the game.
Two year old soccer is pure chaos. Parents are encouraged to be on the field to help the kids (stay in bounds, kick the ball, etc) Since I was wearing Selah, Forrest got to be the lucky parent helper.
Kicking the ball.
Awhile ago Forrest taught Ephraim about fumbles in football and how to protect the ball. Ephraim didn't understand that a loose soccer ball is not considered a fumble.
The goals of the season are to have fun, learn how to not touch the ball with our hands, and to understand that we should kick the ball in the goal. We might need to work on the "no touching" rule.

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