Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life... In June

Life lately has been very low-key. We have stayed at home a lot and just enjoyed being a family. We made a trip to Oregon, but have been home most of the month. Ephraim has become very interested in "helping" Selah. He will make sure she has toys and likes to have tummy time with her.
I am really enjoying this time of life. I love being out and about - but I really enjoy being home. Some people might get bored with the amount of time we stay home, but I don't. The kids and I go running/walking and play lots of games inside and out.
When Forrest gets home he gets out of his work clothes and the oldest jumps on him. Sometimes I help the youngest one join in the fun.

Both kids are getting so big in their own ways. Selah holds her head up nice and strong and Ephraim's vocabulary is exploding. He adds new words all of the time and consistently says 2 word phrases.

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