Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend, the Arnold clan headed down to Oregon. I forgot to take any pictures the entire weekend which is a major bummer.

Saturday - My mom had some jobs for Forrest to do (build a new step on one of the staircases) and help her replace the battery in the boat. When they tried to get the boat started white smoke started billowing out of the engine. Not a good sign. We were a little bit late for my roommate after college, Shara's 30th birthday dinner. We met the group at Claim Jumper's. The food was good. Forrest and Drew had to have an entire table to hold all of their plates and the restaurant provides a complimentary baby plate with cheese, applesauce, mandarin oranges and turkey.

After dinner we went to a nearby bowling alley. Ephraim joined his dad in the arcade while I strapped on my bowling shoes. I bowled an even 100 which is really good for me. After bowling we joined the Coleman's and the Brownlee's at the Coleman house where the boys played a video game and the mommy's talked. I had brief flashbacks to Super Monkey Ball days right after we were married and was wondering if the boys were ever going to stop playing. We got back to my mom's around 12:30.

Sunday - Ephraim was out of sorts in the morning so he and I skipped church. I am glad we did, he took a 2 1/2 hour nap. He woke up at 1 and we headed down to the dock where my mom's small group was having a BBQ. Forrest and I took Ephraim out on the double kayak. He cried most of the trip - not because he didn't like the kayak - but because I wouldn't let him in the river. I let him splash his hands, but drew the line when he tried to drink the water. Ephraim and I went back to the house and he took another 1 1/2 nap. Forrest and I left my mom's house around 6 to go to his parents to have dinner and Ephraim slept up to Vancouver. We left Vancouver around 9:30. Sometime around 11 I woke up and asked Forrest if he was doing okay and his answer was "maybe". I then tried to entertain him with all of the random thoughts I had until we made it home at 12.

It was a weekend full of late nights, but we are so glad that we went down and got to spend time with good friends

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Hannah said...

Yeah for weekends in Oregon!

Sorry we didn't see you again on Sunday. We didn't make it to church until noon, which meant we weren't done until 2. Then off to a b-day party, etc, etc...

Hope to see you again soon!