Thursday, June 11, 2009

14 Months

I have been lapse on giving updates on our little guy. I apologize. I will now try to fit the last two months in one post. (And in case you are wondering all of the pictures in this post are by Annie Schilperoort from Ephraim's one year photo shoot.)
At his one year check up Ephraim weighed 24.5 pounds(85th %), was 30.5 inches tall (73rd %) and his head was 17 3/4 inches around (18th %). Since then his weight gain has slowed down and he is about 25 pounds or so. He has grown quite a bit as evidenced by him reaching things on counters that he used to not be able to reach. I need to find more hiding places (or become more organized, but whatever.)
He can be the biggest sweetheart. He loves to snuggle and is really cuddly in the morning or right after he wakes up from a nap. One of my favorite times of the day is to watch him when Forrest comes home. He yells "Dada!" and runs to him with his arms up. He then gets frustrated if Forrest wants to put his cooler and computer down.
Ephraim is not very verbal. He can say:
dada - dad
mama - me
mama - more
uh - uh oh
His vocabulary has not increased much in the past few months, but his comprehension of what we are saying to him has. I can ask him to bring me things, tell him what I want him to do and for the most part he will listen.
It cracks me up, but when he has something he knows he shouldn't have (dog food) and I ask him to bring it to me, he will run and hide underneath our kitchen table. We are working on obeying Mama the first time I tell him to do something - but it is hard not to laugh. He gets the funniest look on his face when I go under the table to get the dog food from him.
What an imp. He will look at me, wait until he knows I am looking and then do something he should not be doing. He has become a climber and can climb up on his window seat and the couch without any help. He likes to climb in the tub as I am filling it, sometimes with his clothes on. In the past few days he has begun to figure out how to climb down stairs, but I am going to keep my gates up for a bit longer - I like having him confined.
You wouldn't think that this sweet face could throw a tantrum - but you would be wrong. He knows how to throw a fit. It is a good thing that my past jobs have made me semi-immune to tantrums. Who taught him that? I would also like to know who taught him to dead weight his body when I try to pick him up and move him. We have already learned that we need to be on the same page with discipline and to be consistent with him - he is too smart and will try something with me that Daddy doesn't let him do and vice versa.
He loves to play with blocks and is fascinated at the moment with putting blocks in and out of different containers. He has this small Christmas gift bag that he will fill with blocks and then heft around our living room.
This kid loves to be outside and loves his baby swimming pool. He loves to help me water our garden every morning. He loves to go for walks and is always leaning out of his stroller or baby carrier to see what is going on.
I love how trusting he is. He will walk off the top of the stairs into my arms because he completely trusts me. It is such a reminder of what my relationship with God should be like.
We are absolutely loving this stage! He is such a blast, and for the most part is super easy.

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Barb said...

A beautiful pictorial of a beautiful family. He, Ephraim, (of course!) is completely adorable but I also believe he is totally an imp. hmm....I knew a little girl like that ....:)