Tuesday, February 03, 2009

10 Months

There is something about this little guy's blue eyes that just melt me. He has been learning so many new things this past month it has been a lot of fun.
He is a master bear crawler - and zips around our house at break neck speeds. He is constantly on the go. He has mastered climbing the stairs and loves to try to sneak up them when I'm not looking.
His tongue is one of his new toys and he loves to roll it around and stick it out.
Check out those chompers. As of last night he has five teeth. He is eating more solids and has figured out how to get them into his mouth on his own. He has learned how to "roar" and we are working on making other animal sounds. He is getting really good at trying to stand by himself and lets go whenever he can. The longest he has stood has been 10 seconds, but he hasn't tried to take any steps.
We are working on baby sign language with him. He understands milk, more and all done. He can't do them on his own, but you can tell that he gets it. Sleeping is still an issue and every time I think I develop a way to combat the sleep issues that I have helped him create - we go on a trip, or he is teething, etc. He goes down to sleep on his own much better though - so at least that is an improvement.


Hannah said...

Gracie was 10 months old the first time we came up to meet baby Ephraim. She was bigger than him, but about 10 pounds lighter than he is now. =) I love this age.

Barb said...

Aimers- You have taken some great pictures! Of course it is easier when you have those big blue eyes smiling at you!