Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day One

Yesterday was my first day trying out cloth diapers. It was actually really easy. Our diapers came in the mail on Friday afternoon and I washed, dried them and prepared them for use Friday night. My first thought about cloth diapers is that they are super soft! I wanted to rub them against my cheeks. After using all 5 I will share my initial thoughts on them.
Bum Genius - My fave so far. Really simple to use and is not as bulky as the others.
Haute Pocket - 2nd fave. It is not as trim as the Bum Genius, but is not that bulky. I bought one with snap tabs and I wonder if I would like it better if it had velcro.
Happy Heiny - The velcro is a bit different, but works just fine.
Bumkins - this is an All In One diaper, meaning that works just like a disposable and you don't have to stuff it. It worked well, but fits babies 15-25 pounds so was a little big on Ephraim.
Mommy's Touch - This diaper worked just fine, but the insert is not as great and I didn't get as good of a fit on Ephraim because it is not as customizable.

I did not have any leaks with any of them. I am washing them right now, and all of the poop stains came out. I wish that my cameras were working because then I could show you how cute they all are.

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